Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Okay, this is sounding scary. Neurology is actualy what I think I'm interested in. So my question is, Why's it so hard?

Stranded writes in response to this and this:

Okay, this is sounding scary. Neurology is actualy what I think I'm interested in. So my question is, Why's it so hard? Looking at the Youtube video, I get the sense that the subject can be like trying to visualize a subway system, including the various destinations of all the passengers at different times of day. Is it hard just because of the intricacy and all the terminology?

Hi Stranded,

Well again, I have to point out that the class average was 77. (And the averages for all the exams seem to be around the 70's.) So if you look at it that way it's not impossibly hard, it's just who really sucks.

For the practical itself, I'm not sure how other schools work, but this was the first test that we actually had to write in the answers instead of it being multiple choice. (I've actually heard of both styles from other tests, like anatomy practicals, etc.)

And as with almost everything else in med school, it's not really the material that's your biggest threat, it's the fact that you just don't have enough time to study. I'm sure there are other people out here to did just as bad (if not worse) than I did and I'm equally sure that every single one of us could have gotten A's or B's if we had unlimited time for study.

The kegs to get good grades in medical school (regardless of subject):
  1. Self-Motivation
  2. Routine
  3. Time Management
Then again, if that's all it takes and I just said it out loud, that speaks volumes about me. That means these really aren't the keys to success and I stand as living proof or... it means that I haven't been sticking to one or more of those 3 simple tips and am slowly self-destructing as I speak.


(The truth is that the tips above are the same tips I kept hearing when I was asking questions of everyone and anyone I could get my hands on. These are also the same tips that I'm pretty sure I have been sticking to since I arrived at Ross. I'm now under the impression that the "keys to success" in med school aren't nearly as simple as everyone always made it out to be. I think I scratched the surface in one of my old posts, but I don't think I ever found the solution to the problem.)


C said...

I've found for me that flashcards are amazing- they don't work for physio, obviously, but for path and anatomy they are great.
I also write things out. over and over and over. that helps alot for physio. I find writing>typing- it helps cement things in my head better. good luck!

evel_knievel jajaja said...

for most med school classes i find it helpful to relisten to lectures and take additionally notes since there isn't as much time as college to rewrite my notes over and over again. for neuro it really helped to try grouping everything in different ways to see how they integrate. and also drawing out the pathways, etc a lot. it'll come to u eventually!

Stranded said...

Thanks for the response!